Trump Is One Man’s Politician. While He’s Another Man’s Whore.

6-22-16 whore_for_hire

Yesterday, Donald Trump, with a family intervention, fired his long time campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski. Claims coming from Trump headquarters was the campaign was moving in a different direction.

Sure it is. Everyone not stupid or living under a rock sees that the Trump camp is in deep trouble and needs more guidance if they expect to win in November.
Looking at the falling poll numbers, since Trump’s foot-in-mouth gaffs coming on a daily basis, team Trump started to take a more serious approach to the campaign. Afraid the RNC will challenge him at the convention in July, trying to put another candidate in position to take the win away from Trump.

The reluctant donors not coming forward to give freely to devious Don, has the team frightened. They need money to win and devious Don isn’t so willing to fit the whole bill himself. Devious Don is going from bad to worse, it one can image.
Our self-proclaimed free agent, I don’t need anyone candidate with his finger pointing, “GOP “keep quiet”. “I’ve gotten here with any help from the establishment.” Seeing a strong opposition to his form of conservatism. Will now take advice from the establishment. Will work as a team player, with the GOP elite. What a Whore!

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Trumps’ Minions and Their Double Standard Religious Cult.

Some years ago at a dinner party with friends my sister-in-law made a comment that sent one of our friends into hyper drive. Not intentional trying to insult anyone, she was speaking about another person, when she called that person a “non-Catholic.” A phrase I think shouldn’t send anyone over the top.

These days by friend is an unabashed Trump supporter. But back in the day she was just a house wife like the rest of us. With two exceptions, she was the only protestant in the group and the only Republican. We never talk about politics or public affairs. We were a group of homogenized women blending together work and children, the latest fashions, while talking about the latest chicken dinner on the Galloping Gourmet. No earth shattering decrees came from this clique in those days.

So when she overacted in that manner we weren’t sure why. Speaking with real irrational in her voice she said, “I’ve always hated that term. It sounds like you’re saying I’m not as good or from the same class as you because I’m a protestant”. Whoa! Where did that come from? This was a fierce reaction with real resentment in her voice. She obviously felt disparaged by her friends. But why? And how long has she been holding on to this bitterness to go off that way?

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Why are Women Still Facing Double Standards When Trying To Advance Their Careers?

There is a spring ‘ritual’ that most football fans look to with great anticipation. The spectacle known as the NFL Draft. From the beginning of the draft this method has been the fairest way to evaluate and select candidates for a team and the NFL has perfected the selection process to a ‘T’ for 96 years.

All NFL participants agree beforehand to the rules set out. This understanding creates the “level playing field” their looking for, assuring each team a balanced and evenhanded result.

In a field made up of a preponderance of male contributors, with 32 NFL franchises, and a loosely established gentlemen’s agreement. The main goal is to assign key players to a team that will enhance that team’s performance. These men energetically embrace competition with their male colleagues all in the spirit of good fellowship, and respected. Where old rivalries are sidelined and mutual understanding and agreements are achieved.

phine simmes Untitled-3 copyLet’s say for the sake of argument, we toss a women into the mix and she wants to join the team. Using the candidate’s stats the same way the NFL does to assign a candidate, she is fully qualified, same or better experience in the field, and talent. Longevity in the field is strong. Proven durability and her averaged success, over failures are better than good. She’s just as qualified as any male candidate.

When the boys are faced with a women vying for the same positions, all generosity, logic and fairness gets thrown out the window and the rules of the game change. The term “level playing field” becomes just a myth, while executing discriminatory tactics against the women to preserve the harmony of the all-male stronghold.

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The Republican Hate-fest that Lasted 40 Years.

Whoa! After Super Tuesday’s results, it looks like Donald J. Trump is in spitting distance to seize the GOP nomination. Now, there’s a real change for a Trump presidency. This possibility has sent the GOP into hysterics. From the very beginning of Trumpism, the GOP never denounced any of his racist garbage and now when they think of Trump in the White House, the organization is finally mounting a “complete assault” against Trump.

Trying to stop the Trump juggernaut isn’t going to be easy. But, several GOP strategists are trying to draw attention away from Trump by calling in stalwart Republicans’ to express their scorn against Trump’s brand of politics.

Yesterday, the Annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) began its yearly symposium. That bastion of hate and bigotry on steroids and the heart and soul of the conservative movement.

First to bring about the smack-down of Trump came from Mitt “47% of lazy freeloaders.” Romney. He used elegant and highfalutin jargon to bash Trump. But, listening to his empty words only served to remind me of the time Romney was gleefully accepting Trump’s endorsement for his presidential run in 2012.

Ah, CPAC. A twisted reality for the gathering of the rabid faithful. Drinking at the trough of conservatism the message is reinforce to the obedient in attendance. The party leaders will determine by the crowds reactions if they whole-heartedly accept the merits of the ideology, and are they significantly programmed to respond to hatred and racism? If you’re looking for a hate-fest, go no farther, there’s no better place than a bloodthirsty CPAC to rev up malevolence.

With all this bitterness and hatred in the country, why isn’t Trump right for the GOP?

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How Can One Amendment Have The Power To Trump Another?

The Second Amendment protects gun owners rights. While the Constitution provides no right’s protecting a women choices?

I wasn’t going to look at the Republican debate in New Hampshire. But my curiosity get the best of me. The moment I tuned in, I heard Marco Rubio saying, “He rather lose an election than stop supporting “Pro-Life.” Next to pick up the conservative “Pro-Life” gauntlet, was N.J. “tough guy”, Gov. Christie, touting the hard line he took on defunding Planned Parenthood for three years. Presumably, this was a nod to the Christian right showing that he can make the hard choices by denying healthcare to women.

I turned it off in disgust heading these men talk about preventing choices to women. How long has the right-wing been spewing this bail about pro-life v. abortion?

Remarkably, the conservative movement and the Christian right use a selective set of rules and moral standards depending on the citizen.

For instance, in private, a gun owner is making a gun decision on how many guns they want. There are literally no constraints put on that decision to exercise their constitutional rights.

On the other hand, in private, a woman is making a family decision on how many children she wants. There are relentless hurdles she has to go through and never-ending constraints just to exercise her constitutional rights.

In these individual situations both citizens are protected by “privacy rights”. But the powers-that-be, simply refused to recognize the women’s right to privacy regarding her personal choices.

The Republican Party loves to speak about smaller government. They want to deregulate or gut every government program that keeps the citizens be safe and informed. But when it comes to a woman’s right to make family decisions, the GOP can’t stay out of a women’s uterus.

Standing on self-righteous, moral indignation and religious principles these conservative legislators want to protect the fetus so much they pass restrictive laws making it virtually impossible for women to seek a “legal” abortion, but once you’re born, you’re on own.

Because these same conservative legislators pimping themselves out to the NRA, will not even consider common sense gun reform, not taking guns away, but just sensible gun reform. But they continue to protect the ‘privacy right’ of the gun owner. Too bad some kid got caught in a shooting at a grammar school, you’re just become collateral damage in protecting the gun owners’ rights.

I don’t deny that there are moral consequence to having an abortion. Contrary to the right-wings viewpoint that tries to sway the public, that decision is never entered into lightly or without pain for the women and she is the only one that should made that decision. It’s a single decision that effect the women. You can’t stand on religious philosophy and condemn the killing of innocent life, and still support the death penalty or lie about wars that kill innocent people.

I can’t understand how the Second Amendment rights of one citizen can be so protected, that it trumps the First, Fourth, Ninth, and Fourteenth Amendments that protect a women under the “zone of privacy” right. The hypocrisy of conservatives is stunning.

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What is Karma? A Republican curses that has come home to roost.

Trump the big showmen 1 copy

It’s time to face the consequences.
“What goes around, comes around”

Donald Trump’s popularity at first might have been because he’s a difference style candidate than the standard run-of-the-mill career politician. So, after launching his presidential bid, it appears Trump’s combustible blather has hit home with a percentage of dissatisfied citizens weary of the dysfunction in D.C., or so they’d like you to think.

In the last few weeks our perpetual carnival-barker’s campaign has ceased to be about the dysfunction in D.C., and more about a hatred of “others” that Trump has unlocked for certain Americans. With the terrorist attack in Paris, and then the one in San Bernardino, Trump has managed to elevate the fear level in American’s with his racist rhetoric.

Trump’s using these attacks by Muslims to launch his own assaults on all Muslims. Trump’s first suggestion was to register all Muslims in a central database. Now, he’s suggesting a shutdown of all Muslims coming to the country. This is his an irrational plan to keep America safe. His supporters instinctively embraced this concept without question and whole-heartedly agree with it.

Keeping American’s secure is the number one priority for everyone. But, suggesting a ban on Muslims will surely put a target on the back of the U. S., making Muslims hate us even more. Further, how does this plan stop domestic terrorist. In 2015, the last four mass shootings were carried out by Americans, against Americans.

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Donald Trump’s outrageous claim that Muslims celebrated 9/11

Back in June I wrote a blog where I predicted that the public would not consider this carnival clown a creditable candidate and Trump would be gone. Color me surprised.

After seven months of campaigning, Donald Trump has succeeded in keeping his lead over all the other Republican candidates for the 2016 presidential race. This is an astonishing piece of data considering how he’s managed to insult almost everyone in the country.

Trying to stand out among the other candidates for “Who’s the worst charlatan contest in America, Trump tackles the hot-button issue of immigration right out of the box. Pointing his self-righteous finger at Mexico. Calling Mexicans that come to the U. S., murderers, and rapists.

Certainly, this can’t be what Dale Carnegie meant in his book, How to Win Friends & How to Influence People. Oh wait, Trump is influencing people with this hate filled narrative. At every rallies, the crowds have gotten more disgusting, unveiling their resentment at foreigners, while they can’t get enough of this foolish vitriol.

I believe even Diogenes, using a light-house beacon would have a hard time looking for an honest man at a Trump rally.

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The Good, The Bad and the Curse of Ronald Reagan.

Recently at a dinner party I overheard two people talking about Donald Trump and hr_robin-reagan-hoodhow great he is and how he’s just what America needs. Each guy brought up the two essential catchphrases about Reagan that has solidified is immortality. “He was the greatest president we ever had!” And the misconception that, “He single-handedly defeated Communism.” Both notions are slightly exaggerated and not completely accurate.

Why take the time to talk about Ronald Reagan 30 years later? Because after 30 years we’re cursed with the heritage of a false God and his myths. If people are starting to compare Donald Trump or any current GOP candidate to Ronald Reagan, it just might be time to revisit the Reagan legacy.

Truthfully, I don’t care if you like Reagan or not. What bothers me about this zealous obsession regarding Reagan is how the fan never, ever, questions the slightest transgressions he was involved in? It’s almost as if they’re afraid to find out the truth. So they willfully ignore any input that appears to contradict what they believe about him.

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The Unstable Environment Surging in The GOP

There are a few things I’m passionate about, I love taking about politics, government and history. I don’t have a degree in political science, and I’m not a political pundit, but I can go on endlessly about those topics. I have more than my share of opinion about the dysfunction in D.C., and I am more than critical of the Republican Party that has evolved into a party that would make Caligula smile.

So what gives me the chutzpah to think I’m creditable enough to comment about the current group of Republican candidates running for President?

Well, for starters I have longevity. At times if feels like I’ve lived as long as the dinosaurs. Gathering facts, and developing opinions along the way from what I remembered politicians being like, and how today GOP politicians are like contortionists trying to outdo each other in cruelty.

I’m really puzzled about how this is playing out, because in the old days these clowns would be finished for saying the outrageous things they’re saying. In the Stone Age days the candidate would use “code words” that conveyed to their base, that they hated everyone that the constituent hated. Today, the GOP candidate doesn’t need any such refinement. The new tactic is a more direct approach aimed openly at the hated.

I remember reading an article back in 1990 in Newsweek, called “Watch What You Say – Thought Police.” It talked about the “Politically Correct” way to talk about race, sex and ideas. Trying to shed some light on respecting the individual no matter their differences.

In 2015 that’s old school, “respect for all” is for pussies. In this current GOP “Fu**k you” environment, “tough guys” rule. Bullying the other guy and being as ugly as possible is the MO for most of the top runners in the Republican Party and the conservative constituents can’t get enough. The uglier the comment the higher their polls numbers go up.

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Reagan Myths and the Carter Record

Nothing in this world is as black or white as people would have you think. Allow me to explain. Ronald Reagan was not always as good a president that his admiring minions have been persuaded to accept. Therefore, using that same logic, Jimmy Carter was not always as bad a president that the public has been coerced to accept.

Our country is so great that ordinary men can rise to the highest position in the land, that of the President of the United States. Simple men with all their fragilities, faults and foibles. “Aye, therein lies the rub.” How do you give an ordinary man that much influence and power when their so easily susceptible to their human weakness and can succumb to temptation?

During their time in office both Carter and Reagan had their positive and negative points. Unfortunate, for President Carter, the conservative movement has been on a ‘witch hunt’ trying to demonize President Carter for the last 38 years, while eradicating the abhorrent deeds of the Reagan administration.

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