Fascism: Could It Happened Here? Well, If We Don’t Wake Up It Will Happen Here.

Occupy Wall Street, was a political phenomenon that took the country by storm. On September 17, 2011 a group of protesters spontaneously took over Zuccotti Park in New York City’s Wall Street area to highlight the social and economic inequality that existed in America.

The one thing that made OWS so unique, besides speaking for the unforgotten 99% of Americans, was it pulled liberals and conservatives and everyone in between together. Emphasizing that in a rigged system that favored the wealthiest 1%, government wasn’t working for everyone.

What an extraordinary opportunity for our leaders. If only they’d paid attention and listen to the voice of the people and what they were saying. In hindsight, all the conservative leadership did was laugh and ignore this clarion call. A mistake they’d come to regret. Because back in 2011 these shortsighted leaders couldn’t see or didn’t care that a Trump was looming in their future.

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Trump and the Presidency? – Wake up people before it’s too late.

In the universe you have a few things that are irrefutable, and with without a shadow of a doubt will happen. Winter will be cold. Summer will be hot. And Trump, will be an awful president. This is my strong opinion. Granted, a comment your Trump supporter will dismiss with their usually arrogance. Without missing a beat, they’ll never believe one thing about Republicans, but just throw any red meat at the “Trumpette” and without a shadow of doubt, they’ll believe anything about Hillary you tell them.

Some self-righteous, right-wing ideologues a few years ago constructed a vendetta campaign/ a real hatchet job directed against the Clinton’s for 20+ years ever since they arrived in DC. And now that decades-long, hate-fest against the Clinton’s has continued, focusing directly on Hillary these days.

But Why? Trump, her Republican opponent is the one they shouldn’t fear and mistrust.

Let’s look at how so much misinformation concerning Hillary got started. Frist, Reagan dismantled the Fairness Doctrine giving free range to the right-wing and their newly formed propaganda machine.
This machine would help or eviscerate a candidate depending on which side of the aisle they were on.

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Hillary Clinton and the Con Man’s First Presidential Debate

Okay, our first presidential debate is over and my prediction about the outcome was wrong.

Call me surprised! I actually thought Trump was going to win. But according to most of the pundits I saw after the debate was over, they gave the win to Hillary. A win I totally agree with after seeing her in action. She was terrific!

I was very proud of Ms. Hillary Clinton. She was brilliant! Well prepared and knowledgeable about every topic Lester Holt presented to both the candidates. Trump not so much, he seemed to lose some energy as the debate went on, leaving the world of reality, jettisoning in some fantasy never-never-land.

Depending on which sources you read or heard, the big winner by many accounts was Hillary. While at the Berchtesgaden bunker, Donny’s propagandists SS (sinister squad) believed Trumpy was the big winner. A questionable assumption at best giving his appalling performance.

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The Scariest Show on Earth for All Americans

In anticipation for tonight’s first presidency debate between the only qualified person for the job, and the number one con man. I intentionally tried not to look or listen to at any news regarding the debate.

Which I’ll admit was almost impossible to avoid. When I did hear or read something, what I recognized was this kickass confidence punk by the masterminds of the trumpster’s team.

Each member of his propaganda “Nazi wannabes” team have been making the rounds giving the impression that they believe Clinton is spending her time drilling down on policy and details. Absorbing herself in every eventual question and knows all the facts and she’ll be ready for any question the moderators throw at her. While on the other hand, they’ve been giving the impression that Trump coming back from a PA rally is just hanging around, where he’ll just be himself at the debate.

What his team is doing is making you think Trump will not be able to compete with Hillary’s experience. This scam is called “lower the bar’ of expectations for Trump.

My prediction – Trump will win tonight’s first debate. Why? The bar for his performance is lower than a snake’s belly, that’s why. If Trump doesn’t vomit he’ll claim victory tonight.

He will not be that confrontational guy we saw during the Republican debates. He will be charming. He will not attack Hillary on any indiscretions. He will be a gentlemen and not bring up the emails or Benghazi. Since both subject have been answer and that would be like beating a dead horse.
His team has prepared him to look presidency and answer these questions as such. He’s probable been on a treadmill of practicing 24/7 in some bunker contrary to his team giving the impression he’s not practicing.

At this point no one will change their minds on who they’ll vote for in November. The big granddaddy prize coming out of these debates will be the undecided or independent voter. Will they fall for this conman like so many have? It now up to the American people to look thought his BS. But are they smarter enough to see through this guy’s con game.

Anything Trump does tonight will be big for him. If Trump doesn’t fall in to some Tourette’s or involuntary vulgarity, because the bar is so low anything his does will impress the pundits so much their overlook Hillary’s hours of practicing and give the night to Clarabelle, the red haired clown.

And God help our country if this clown becomes our president.

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Hillary Clinton Favorite Target of the Right-wing Gets Criticized for Getting Sick.

The Tribunal of the Holy Office of Republican Inquisition and Suppression against Hillary Clinton needs to stop. Because at this point it’s nothing more than partisan torture.

I can’t imagine what it must be like to walk in Hillary’s shoes for one hour, less along for the last 15 months. What I suspect is, if the tables were turned, none of these bastards could endured this continual cross-examination of everything she does. No one could withstand that kind of unrestrained criticism. Unless of cause they all attended the ‘de Sade’ school of cruelty, with a heavy curriculum for schadenfreude. These boys must really admire the Marquis de Sade.

Republicans have selective amnesia when it suits them. They’re so quick to criticize Obama at the drop of a hat. And the news media must have a direct, non-stop flotilla of reporters leaking in every nook and cranny trying to catch Hillary doing anything so they can spin it into a scandal.

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Phyllis Schlafly First Lady of the Right Dies. But leaves a Dangerous Lagacy Behind.

Two women were in the news this week. One, I respected and admired, the other one, not so much.

Mother Teresa, a forceful, saintly figure, was canonized this week for dedicating her life’s work to helping the poor and improving their conditions with patience and kindness.

Phyllis Schlafly, a forceful, conservative activist, passed away this week after dedicating her life’s work to making sure women’s quality of life was mediocre with indifference and narrow-mindedness.

Two very different women on how to approach a situation. And miles apart on the style of their message. One with compassion. The other with hypocrisy.

On September 5, 2016, Phyllis Schlafly, conservative activists died. I’ve had my issues with some Republican women that I don’t agree with, but Schlafly, topped that list for me.

I send my condolences to Ms. Schlafly’s family and friends. I’m sure they loved and will miss her.

But, what bothers me is her ‘antiquated’ legacy, it will live on among her supporters and other women still believing her message of traditional women values. And a midst her bag of tricks throughout her career, when not trying to deny women access to a legal procedure, or being judgmental about gays, she was also the ringleader that annihilated the ERA.

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Associated Press: A flawed story about Hillary and the Clinton Foundation.

The Pay-to-Play Neophyte vs. The Corrupt Connoisseur.

Quid Pro Quo”, is the ancient art of trading favors. This method has been the standard bargaining tool for millennia. Cave dwellers used it to trade skins for food. Aristocrats uses it to trade for power and create profit. Today, the technique of trading is still used. You might know it by its colloquial name, “So, if I scratch your back …what’s in it for me?

Breaking News!
With dubious proof. And inconclusive evidence. Based on mere conjecture. A recent Associated Press article alludes to, but showing no confirmed evidence that, Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, is the first person in history to use her influence to compensate someone in exchange for having the privilege of donating to the Clinton Foundation.

The enemy in any story regarding Hillary Clinton is, and will always be, a collaboration of her countless haters, justified or not, driven by the News media, and their associates. All powered by right-wing consent to discredit her. Confusing the public with endless misleading stories, the goal being, that her creditability is ruined.
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Right-Wing Media and Hate Speech Caused a Donald Trump Presidency to be a Reality.

“He who controls the media controls the minds of the public.” …Noam Chomsky

Hate Speech Radio caused this monstrosity.

shock jock hate radio copyIn 1968, before he disgraced the country, and his party, Richard Nixon won the 1968 election with the help of his media and an image consultant, Roger Ailes. Launching Ailes’ career into politics, eventually he branched out into the news market. This move ultimately would bring about the demise of honest and impartial news.

During the Nixon years, these two men consider themselves visionaries. So much so, they imagined a TV network that would give the illusion of real news to an unsuspecting audience. But in reality, the odor of right-wing propaganda would dominate their channel. The news would be deliver by counterfeit schmoozes, generating an occult like mysticism amongst the audience. This design would be the benchmark for what later would become hate media. There was no turning back now. The die is cast.

In 1987, the idea of a right-wing news channel came closer with the help from another Republican president, Ronald Reagan. Reagan dismantles the only system that allowed broadcasters to provide both sides of a story, fairly and unbiased. Allowing the public the reasonable opportunity to make a well informed decision based on knowing all the facts. Reagan’s undoing of the Fairness Doctrine, rigged the news media in favor of the conservative message. Guaranteeing this propaganda machine success.

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Comic Conman Trump


There’s a four-day event held during the summer. The nerd mecca brings together the common groupies and a distinct set of luminaries, gracing the floor of this fantastical event.

Dedicated to creating awareness among the attendees concerning whimsical curiosity. Typically, they’ll feature highly fanciful fantasy’s that will keep the attendees entertained for the evening. Featuring magical creatures to excite the imagination. Ghostly beings possessing magical powers designed to scare the little children, spreading fear and disaster. Event personalities will regale the audience with their improbable fairy-tales for the future, as mythical creatures saunter throughout the affair to the delight of the coward.

At the end of the convention, the grand finale is when the audience will get to see, The Gossamer. A hairy, orangey large monster, a menacing and destructive character and a crowd favorite.

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Watching the “Fall of The GOP” Must be hard for the Dyed-in-the-Wool Republican.

For some time now the Republican Party has veered so far from their alleged beliefs, sinking into the realm of cruelty and indifference that the party of Lincoln has morphed into the party of Caligula. With a conservative government that has the power and rank of the praetorian guards that enforce they’re tyrannical rules on the gullible public.

The single most influence on the right-wing base has been their cunning political philosophy for the last 30 years. After a concentrated propagandizing for three decades is it any wonder this group of citizens’ suspected anyone that wasn’t a Republican. And by now are convinced these ‘out siders’ were the reason for all their ills.

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